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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 31, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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and chip reid reports the fur was really flying in the competition to be the white house christmas tree. >> it gives you chills.
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>> brown: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm james brown. this was one of the worst days of the year for the stock market and the millions of americans invested in it. all three major indexes were sharply lower, including a 317-point drop for the dow. it has now given up all of its gains for the year. for the dow, the s&p 500 and the naz dark the loss amounted to about 2% as rattled investors dumped their stock. anthony mason, or senior business correspondent is in chicago tonight. anthony, what's behind the sell-off? >> reporter: well, james, 96% of the stocks in the s&p 500 fell today, and there was no single catalyst. argentina's default was just one in a series of bad headlines, but traders are saying the market was really overdue for a sell-off. look at the dow, which is up nearly 7% in the last year, the s&p is up more than 14%, the
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nasdaq has soared more than 20% in a year. the rally traders were saying it's just getting tired. >> brown: anthony, what impact will tomorrow's job numbers have? >> reporter: well, perversely, james, good news could be bad news tomorrow. traders on wall street are very worried that strong job numbers will mean the fed will start raising interest rates soon, so they're kind of hoping for a goldilocks number, one that's neither too hot nor too cold. >> brown: the centers for disease control and prevention warned americans today not to travel to the west african nations upon liberia, guinea, and sierra leone where hundreds have died in the worst outbreak of ebola ever. we also learned arrangements are being made to bring home two american aid workers who contacted the disease in liberia. we have two reports, first jon
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lapook. >> reporter: the two americans hospitalized in liberia with ebola last weekend are reported to be in worse conditions. the charity groups they work with say writebol is taking an experimental serum. there was only enough for one patient and dr. brantley asked that it be given to writebol. instead of a serum, the doctor received a blood transfusion from a boy he treated who recovered from ebola. the hope is the blood contains some protective factor. last night, during a prayer service in charlotte, north carolina, writebol's husbanded, david, who was in the hospital with his wife, called to thank the crowd of well wishers. >> i want to be a bit cautious but she's sitting up and she's talking with us and she's able to move about. she's drinking lots of fluids, which is good for her. that's-- that's her main job these days. >> reporter: the c.d.c. alert is directed at u.s. residents with nonessential travel to the three countries battling the outbreak. there are 20 quarantine stations at airportd her points of
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spre staffed with health officers responsible for deciding if a sick person can enter the country. infectious disease experts be the u.s. has the resources to control the spread of the virus should it come here. dr. stephen monroe is with the cdc. >> we're fairly comfortable if a patient were identified here in the u.s. that the normal kind of barriering precautions that would be in place would prevent spread even before the person was confirmed to be a case of ebola. >> reporter: late today, emory universitied announced it is preparing for an american aid workers who contracted ebola in africa to arrive in a special containment unit in the coming days. >> brown: jon, that truly has the potential to cause real concern here by people in america. give us some perspective here. >> reporter: any kind of transfer will be done with a strict protocol and the patient very carefully isolated so i don't think people need to worry about getting the virus during that transfer. in general, i know people are concerned about catching ebola, and they should be reassured by the fact you dnied. more on that now from bob or in
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washington. >> reporter: it's the spies versus the senate. in january, the c.i.a. accused intelligence committee staffers of improperly accessing classified files while investigating the c.i.a.'s harsh interrogations of al qaeda prisoners. senators fired back accusing the c.i.a. of spying on the committees' investigatorring, an allegation c.i.a. director john brennan flatley denied. >> as far as the allegations of, you know, c.i.a. hacking into, you know, senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth. we wouldn't do that. i mean that's-- that's just beyond the--, you know, the scope of reason. >> reporter: but the c.i.a.'s own inspector general determined the agency did spy on senate investigators. i.g. findings released today revealed five agency employees improperly accessed committee files. and reviewed some of the e-mails of committee staff members. in addition to his apology, brennan ordered a broader internal review. on capitol hill, senate years. james.
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>> brown: nancy cordes on capitol hill, thank you very much, nancy. many of the children coming here from central america are fleeing violence in their home land. manuel bojorquez went to el salvador to learn more. >> reporter: there are almost 10 murders on the streets of el salvador every day. gangs have made survival a daily battle. but amidst the violence this is an aoseis, a youth center, shelter from the brutal world outside the gates. >> it exists on a string and a prayer. >> reporter: katherine andrade works for catholic relief services which runs the center. >> we're giving them hope and a new opportunity within and amidst all of the problems that are going on here. >> reporter: how tough is that? >> it's-- this is the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: the hardest thing because of stories like this: you live in fear. you don't go outside. this 18-year-old, who asked not to be identifi >> i'm full throttle and i'm
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going down! >> reporter: jeremy dunkleberger recorded this video of bystanders pulling out the passenger. moments later he helped the pilot. >> i stepped up on the wing, and i was talking to her through the window, and i said we gotta get you out of this plane. it's on fire. and she said my leg's broken. it's broken really wad. i'm pinned in here. >> reporter: over the last 24 hours small planes have also crashed in wisconsin and alabama. this florida crash on sunday killed two beachgoers including a nine-year-old girl. between 2009 and 2013, there were more than 7,000 general aviation accidents. that's four a day, causing more than 2,000 deaths. california flight instructor jimmy greeziac instructs pilot to always be on the lookout for a place to land in an emergency but that can be dangerous to the pilot and people on the ground. this plane landed on one of the busiest highways in new york this plane landed on one of the busiest highways in new york ty
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mola lenghi where crews have just apparently made progress stopping the water flow. >> reporter: remember about 30 minutes ago water was pouring out of that broken main rolling down the street. they have been able to locate the valve and were able to shut off the water. this looks good compared to what it looked like a few minutes ago. there was a time where rhode island avenue here looked less like a road, more like a river. crews were out the last three hours searching for that valve to shut off the water. that was the first thing they had to do before they could begin addressing the actual break. now they have to remove all the water that has puddled up over the break. once they remove that water they can address the break. wssc says hopefully it will be something they can patch up, but that all depends on the type of break. they have to look at it first and see what caused it. they say it's likely old pipes, but at this point they still don't know.